About Kormetal Alloy Wheels

About Kormetal Alloy Wheels

KORMETAL; serving you since 1978. KORMETAL Light Alloy Wheels; available from 13” to 17” for all the major automobile brands.

KORMETAL produces qualified alloy wheels that separates you from the crowds. Your car with KORMETAL Alloy Wheels is going to be exclusive and elegant. KORMETAL offers you wide range of wheels from 13” to 17”.

KM Light Alloy Wheels are known for it’s strength and endurance. Paint and polish qualities of KORMETAL Alloy Wheels’ is going to get many greetings from you and your friends.

KORMETAL off-road wheels from 16” to 18” offers you safe and reliable drive and comes with style. No matter if it is forest road nor mountain road or hard and straight autobahns(highways) ; KM Light Alloy Wheels off-road range is going to be your best servant. MONTE FIORE WHEELS (MFW) ; comes with sizes from 15” to 18” ; style and quality from another perspective. When driving on MFW wheels, you will catch the glances at your car. It will be your description of exquisite attraction.

When you choose KORMETAL Alloy Wheels for your car; you will just feel that “KM Light Alloy Wheels” is a part of your automobile. If you separate them your car won’t be complete anymore.

KORMETAL Alloy Wheels makes your tires perfect circle.